A Mother’s Influence

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This weekend we celebrate mother’s day. Many people would say their mother is, or was, an amazing influence on their lives. [I know for some mother’s day is a difficult day as they may not of had the mum they wanted or needed.]

Personally my mum died some years ago, mother’s day always leaves me a little nostalgic.

Today we celebrate the real heroines of our world and give them the credit they deserve. We honor each and everyone one of you. New mums and old. We could say more than any politician or teacher, more than any Pastor or doctor, more than any film star, sportsman, business person, author, scientist, civic leader, entertainer, or military hero…mums – you are the most influential person in your child’s life. Never doubt that fact! Not even when the dishes in the sink look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, or when the washing machine gives up and dies, or when the house looks like a tornado has struck it, and nobody at home stops to say, “Thanks, Mum. You’re great.”

Let’s not forget there never would have been an Isaac without a Sarah, a Moses without a Jochebed, a Samuel without a Hannah, a John without an Elizabeth, a Timothy without a Eunice, or a John Mark without a Mary. These men were the men they were, in great part, because of the mothers they had. The hidden secret of that winning combination? Mother with child – just that simple. So, mums please keep on loving us!

A mother’s influence is so great that we model it even when we don’t realize it, and we return to it, often to the surprise of others.

As I think of my own mother’s influence on me, I know she did her best. She wanted my to do my best, to achieve what I could, to work hard, and to respect others.

And so, mothers, don’t ever forget the permanence of your influence. The kids may seem ungrateful, they may act irresponsible, they may even ignore your reminders and forget your advice these days. But believe this: they cannot erase your influence.

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