He is risen!

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It was good to be at church this morning, and sing the words of some great songs telling the story of His new life, and hear the stories of our church friends telling of what He’s done in their lives too.

What a mysterious, wonderful blessing.                                              

Thankfully because of Jesus death and resurrection I know love, acceptance, belonging, I’ve been changed for the better, and I have purpose and hope. Because Jesus has risen I have confidence that I am loved by One who fully knows me. I have hope for the future safe in the knowledge that Jesus will never leave me because He has already conquered death and the grave.

It changes my life because the slate was wiped clean forever. Not just once, but over and over again because Jesus carried my sin on the cross. What greater gift could we ever receive because we are loved. The victory is won and Life triumphs over the schemes of the evil one. Nothing can and ever will change that. There is such security and assurance in that fact.

Easter Sunday means that, despite my failures, insecurities and doubts, I can stand firm in the knowledge of Jesus’ love for me. I know, deep down inside, that because of his death and resurrection, in the end all will be well.

Easter changes my life because it means there’s a second chance. A second chance to know and please God, a second chance when I mess up, a second chance in my relationships because I’ve already seen the ultimate example of forgiveness and love.

For me Easter means “HOPE”. A sure and certain HOPE that JESUS has the victory over death and that by his death on the cross my relationship with GOD is restored.

For me HIS resurrection symbolizes eternal life for those who totally believe in him.

Easter Sunday also means the total verification of all that JESUS preached and taught during his Ministry on Earth.


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