Dave and Julie test


Dave is one of the Founding Pastor’s at Frontline Church in Wavertree, Liverpool, UK. Dave and his wife Julie have three grown children, and 3 grand children. They are both from Liverpool, the city they believe that God is going to transform through the power of the Gospel.

Through the many trials, challenges and the joys of life and ministry, one of the recurrent themes of their lives has been relationship: intimate, passionate relationship with the God who has led them through over 25 years in ministry and strong, faithful relationship with the body God has placed around them. This blog is an expression of their heart to call God’s people back to intimacy with Him. They know that this intimacy is crucial for walking in victory and for underpinning committed relationship with one another. Dave and Julie seek to bring tools to God’s people to help them develop devotion to Jesus. Their aim is to encourage and inspire people to live a victorious, joy filled Christian life on a daily basis; to live life firmly based on God’s Word and seeing the victory of the Cross released into every area.

By providing weekly blogs and monthly teaching insights, they seek to encourage a growing relationship with God, believing that dependence on Him is the key to freedom and successful life.