Pastor Dave Connolly says:

Here at Frontline Church we place high importance on investing in what God is doing in our city, our nation and around the world, and see the benefits of being able to serve the wider church body. This is worked out through our relationships with other churches, church leaders, organisations, overseas workers and healing ministries. The level of each relationship and type of input varies depending on the circumstances and need of the individual partner.

Emmaus Adventure is the name given to this network of relationships. As part of my role at Frontline I am privileged to have been released to head up the Emmaus Adventure.

Through the Emmaus Adventure we aim to use our experience to support, love and encourage leaders and to train and equip churches in the principles of kingdom life. Our experience has been that where there are men and women of God seeking to do something for God, a little encouragement, love and support can make all the difference. Leaders thrive, churches grow and ministers become more effective.

We are not looking to build a denomination but to give those who are already busy in ministry and provide an environment in which to be loved, ministered to and inspired. I know in the past some people have wondered what our agenda is. I’m not sure how to answer that because our agenda is kingdom and kingdom life… where appropriate we just want to ask the question ‘how can we help?’… ’how can we serve you?’

I thank God for the opportunities he as given us around Liverpool, the UK, and in other nations to invest in his church. Over the past years we have offered friendship and support to others in ministry at various different levels. We have also offered training and on-going support to churches interested in setting up a healing ministry.

We want to be able to resource Emmaus Adventure by hosting Leaders Days where we can bring input and encouragement to our friends and partners and provide opportunity for those with similar vision to connect.

Our relationship with individuals, leaders and churches are very different – they’re whatever they want them to be….which is great. Relationships vary from those interested in the church and ex-Frontline members receiving a regular newsletter, through those who may attend Leaders’ Days and training events to those who have sought a deeper partnership with specific mentoring and an accountable relationship.

We hope that those benefiting from the network would be willing to cover travel expenses and where possible a ministry gift to help cover network expenses.